The Blues- A Blueberry Cocktail

Mar 21st
TheBlues- A Blueberry Cocktail

We know, we know.. why have a cocktail called The Blues on a Friday? Let’s just say it’s a rose by another name… it smells just as sweet and for the love of blueberry you gotta try it. This smoky, citrus, and blueberry combination will start your weekend right!

A Great Spring Drink

A Great Spring Drink


Ingredients (serves one):

Small handful of blueberries
1 tbsp of super fine sugar
1 oz lemon juice
 1/4 oz of maraschino liquor… (we cheated by using cherry brandy)
1 oz rum
3/4 oz of mescal
3/4 oz cointreau



Muddle blueberries with sugar and lemon juice. Add ice.

Then add:
1/4 oz of maraschino liquor
1 oz. rum
3/4 oz. of mescal
3/4 oz. cointreau
Shake and double strain. Enjoy!
Perfect Start into the Spring

Perfect Start into the Spring

The Blues- A Blueberry Cocktail

The Blues- A Blueberry Cocktail


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